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We are the first Armenian takeout restaurant in Indiana  and we are excited to bring you the flavors of one of the world’s oldest cuisines. Come try Armenian BBQ - beef or lamb kebab wrapped in lavash (Armenian flatbread), pork BBQ (shish kebab), chicken BBQ, dolma, grilled vegetable salad, and much more. We are here to provide delicious, healthy, and unique eating options.

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   Armenian cuisine is the most ancient in the Caucasus region, it's one wing of its nation’s history, part of its culture and the interpretation and the expression of its way of thinking. Armenians are meat lovers. Barbeque is one of the most widespread foods among them. Be it a wedding or a birthday party barbeque is always expected and almost entirely consumed. 

    Barbeque is prepared here with special Armenian recipes and is called khorovats. There are more than two dozen types of khorovats here. Before cooking, the meat is marinated using different seasoning. 

   Armenian Khorovats is totally different from the American one. Armenian Khorovats is usually made of big cuts of pork, and it is cooked on hot coals after burning a wood fire.